Our Beginning

The Grey Whiskers Rescue began with a close-knit group of passionate volunteers working in local shelters who were often witnesses to countless numbers of dogs being put down. More often than not, with no apparent or obvious reason.

With hard work and dedication, these ladies managed to make a difference in their local shelter by converting it to a 'no-kill shelter', saving who knows how many animal lives.  Through adoption events, networking and the occasional sweet talking of friends, they succeeded in finding a wide array of homes for these in need dogs and cats.  Before long, it became all too apparent that the vast majority of people were searching for younger animals for the fear of having to say good bye too soon.  This left an obvious discrepancy in the dogs that were left behind, the seniors.  Watching these old dogs snuggled up alone on the cold concrete of the shelter floor, often in pain from old age and injuries became a far worse fate than saying goodbye to a loved canine.


Thus the idea of The Grey Whiskers Rescue was born.  One of these volunteers purchased some ranch land in Peoa, Utah with the idea of becoming a leeway station for senior dogs.  Seniors will stay with our volunteers until a time when a brave hearted soul can be found to step in and assist with fostering and hospice care. As well as providing these oldies with someone to love until the end of their days.