The Grey Whiskers Rescue seeks to provide assistance for any struggling senior dog and/or the families who support them.  Whether they are striving to remain in their home, fighting medical ailments or just plain surviving in a shelter, our seniors often need a little extra help.  In order to do this though, we need your help too.  Below is a description of our ongoing projects to give you a better sense of what we are trying to accomplish as a rescue.  Any type of support or donation will go a long way towards creating a better world for our beloved seniors.

Outreach Program

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We are proud to announce that some of our volunteers have gotten involved with Senior Services in our home state of Utah. Our volunteers had noticed a trend in that a lot of the senior dogs being turned over to shelters were from seniors themselves. With a little digging our volunteers realized it wasn’t because these people didn’t want their dogs, but because they felt that turning them over to the shelter was the only option. By working with senior services our volunteers hope to better identify why seniors are struggling to care for their pets so we can hopefully one day create an intervention program to help these dogs stay healthy in their homes instead of going to the shelter.

Fospice Care

a fund created to support our devoted volunteers in their care of our hospice dogs


The sad truth of taking in a senior dog, is that some will eventually require hospice care that focuses on improving their quality of life during their final days. Hospice care is not always easy, nor is it cheap which is why we want to create an ongoing fund to provide help for these dogs and the volunteers trying to support them during such a hard time.  

The Grey Whiskers Grant

a fund created for families who need help keeping their senior dog in their home

We understand how difficult it can be to watch your furry loved ones succumb to their age and ailments along with the financial burden this can create while trying to support them.  The Grey Whiskers Grant has been created to become a source for all members of the community who are struggling with their senior dog and just need a little help to not only keep their dog within their family, but keep them comfortable and happy as well.  The Grey Whiskers Rescue also hopes to provide support in the sad circumstance in which owners may need assistance in saying goodbye to their senior dog in the proper and dignified manner they deserve.
Help us create a foundation of support for these in-need families by donating today!

The Well Project

The very first step in creating a sustainable place for our rescued seniors to stay is drilling a well for the property.  Running water is a necessity in order to provide the best care for our resident happy tails.  Although the process is simple, the price is steep! Our goal is to raise $25,000.00 in order to have our well built.