Where do our Grey Whiskers Rescues come from?

Our Grey Whiskers' come from shelters and from unfortunate situations where we are the only ones available to help, usually in the Park City/Salt Lake area. Although we are not limited to this area, and we are willing to consider any senior animals no matter where they are. Some of them go into the shelters as strays, some are left behind, some are brought in because of an illness. At most shelters, the seniors are more difficult to adopt out which is why Grey Whiskers tries to get involved when we can and help create a more easy transition for these seniors into a foster home.

How does Grey Whiskers decide which animals to rescue?

Grey Whisker’s main objective is to assist and help rescue senior dogs in need. Unfortunately there is no clear guideline for when a dog truly becomes a senior. Larger breeds, such as great danes tend to become seniors earlier on (around age 7) than smaller breeds which tend not to be considered seniors until they are past age 10. Because there is so much variation between breeds, our volunteers believe that each dog should be gauged individually instead of by a standard scale.

Although our experience and passion will always be for our aging canine companions, our volunteers are always open to helping out with any other kind of senior animal depending on the situation.

How do I foster a Grey Whiskers dog?

Check out our "Get Involved Section" and fill out an application! 

What does it cost to foster a Grey Whiskers senior?

A bit of space for a comfy dog bed and some love and attention. The Grey Whiskers Rescue plans to help all of its fosters with food and vet bills.

Do I need to live in the Park City/ Salt Lake City area to foster a Grey Whisker?

No, you don't have to be in salt lake to be a foster but you do have to realize that if you run into trouble and are not close it may take more time to help relocate the dog the further from the this area that you live.

Do I need to have a backyard to become a foster home?

No. While it can be nice to have a backyard, we know that daily walks are the key to a happy and healthy foster.

What if I have questions about my grey whisker foster?

Our volunteers make a commitment to every single senior animal that we take in and help. If you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to contact us at any time and our volunteers would be happy to help with whatever you or your foster needs.

What if something happens and I can no longer foster a grey whisker?

Please contact us as soon as possible! We understand that life happens and we will work with you to help find a new foster home.

Is my donation to the Grey Whiskers Rescue tax deductible?

Yes it is! The Grey Whiskers Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your donations are deductible. Please consult your tax advisor if you want to know more. Or if you would like a receipt for your donation please email us and we will send you a receipt.

Where does my donation go?

Almost all of the money that is donated to the Grey Whiskers Rescue goes to caring for our rescues and fosters. Many of the dogs we rescue have ongoing health issues and require at least some sort of medical intervention.

How can I help?

In addition to donating, we are always looking for foster homes or sponsors for our seniors.