What can you do to help?

become a foster parent to a grey whisker


Opening up your heart and home to a senior dog in need is one of the most selfless acts we can do for our canine friends.  The majority of the dogs here at Grey Whiskers Rescue just need a soft place to sleep, along with an occasional belly rub during their journey of finding their forever homes. We understand that taking in and caring for a dog nearing the end of their life can be a difficult and emotional process, so we will be here to support you in every step of the way.  Although our own passions are for large-breed seniors, our volunteers are willing to work with you in finding any dog that may suit your lifestyle and needs.  Help us keep all these waiting seniors out of the shelters  by becoming a foster parent today.

BECOME A Senior buddy

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If you aren't ready or are unable to become a doggie foster parent that is completely okay! There are so many other ways you can get involved.  Having Senior Buddies (aka sponsors) is a vital aspect for our grey whiskered friends, as many of them will likely face expensive medical bills and as much as we would like to, we are unable to cover them all.  It can be as big or small of a commitment as you want or can afford.  Even $5 a month can have the possibility of improving the life of or even saving the life of one of our rescues.  Take a look through our resident happy tails to see photos of all our seniors in need of your help.


become a volunteer 

Still looking for a way to help? Volunteering your time for our organization is as timeless as it gets.  We are a small group, with big dreams of rescuing and finding homes for every single senior dog we can get our paws on.  This often means we need more sets of hands to help make our dreams become reality. 


make a donation

If making monthly contributions as a sponser is too much for you, we are always open to one-time donations. Every single dollar makes a difference in the world of elderly rescue dogs. Your money will help provide the food, medicine and shelter that our old dogs so desperately need.

Donating to our rescue group can also be a beautiful way to honor those dogs who have loved you so dearly.