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Our goal is provide other options and assistance for the struggling owners of senior dogs, and provide a home for those dogs who no longer have one.  Although only in our early stages, we are motivated to create a healthy, happy environment for every individual senior dog and/or owner who may need a little extra help and support.


Welcome to the Grey Whiskers Rescue!


We are a group dreaming to make an impact on the senior dogs of our community


Our Resident Happy Tails

We hope to provide a safe and happy leeway station for senior dogs in need of a home to live out their final days in peace.


Senior dogs are the best!



We hope to change the negative stigma around adopting senior dogs.



Reasons to adopt a senior 



Puppies are overrated! Keep in mind an old dog when adopting your next family member



Our Project Goals



We are in the beginning stages of development but hope to one day provide countless services for our grey whiskered friends.





Want to help out? 



 No matter who you are, where you are or what your resources are there is always a way to help.