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The Grey Whiskers Rescue hopes to become a source a support for any individuals out there in our community struggling to care for their senior dog.  Through some fundraising, grey whiskers has been able to start up our emergency vet care fund.  This fund will eventually be set up to  provide financial assistance for medical bills, hospice care or whatever else your family may need in order to provide the best possible life for your old dog.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that we are still in our early stages of development we still need some more time to build up our foundation.  If you've found yourself in a situation where you need some guidance or advice, feel free to contact us and our volunteers can try and help you in other ways.

Please check out our 'Project Goals' page to see what our rescue hopes to accomplish in the future. 

Grey Whisker's Definition of a Senior Animal


Grey Whisker’s main objective is to assist and help rescue senior dogs in need. Unfortunately there is no clear guideline for when a dog truly becomes a senior. Larger breeds, such as great danes tend to become seniors earlier on (around age 7) than smaller breeds which tend not to be considered seniors until they are past age 10. Because there is so much variation between breeds, our volunteers believe that each dog should be gauged individually instead of by a standard scale. Although our experience and passion will always be for our aging canine companions, our volunteers are always open to helping out with any other kind of senior animal depending on the situation.