get to know the members of our grey whiskers family

Buster Brown

Age Unknown

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We are happy to announce the new addition of a senior lab to our pack of grey whiskers! This is Buster Brown. He was found alone and starving on the side of a cold highway surviving on the nearby road kill for an unknown amount of time.

Luckily his presence was brought to the attention of the local shelter which is when one of our volunteers was alerted of a senior in need. All he needed was a few baths before he was ready to join our pack. Even with his body completely emaciated, Buster Brown bounced back to life as soon as he met our volunteers.


For now, we are focusing on getting him back up to a healthy weight and identifying any other possible health issues. Buster's first visit to the vet revealed that he is full of heart worm, which we have begun treatment for but would be eternally grateful for any type of financial support for this handsome fellow. During this process we are also evaluating him to see what kind of foster home will be a good fit for him in the future once his health and weight stabilize.

Except for his depleted system, Buster Brown has been a stereotypical lab, and can't get enough of treats, toys and friends. All the pups of grey whiskers welcomed him into the pack with open paws.


OE (One-Ear)

Age unknown

Meet the newest edition to our Grey Whiskers Pack, One ear (OE for short). OE was brought in with over one hundred other furry friends after CAWS drove all night down to Texas and back after Hurricane Harvey to help out the many animals in need.  As van after van of rescued cats and dogs were unloaded back in Salt Lake City, there was one dog in particular that caught one of our volunteers eyes’. An immediate bond formed between canine and human as soon as they met eyes. Our volunteer could tell that out of any of the animals there, this dog needed our help the most.


With no background on her, our volunteers had to go off of what they could see to try and determine her history; one of her ears looked to be torn off, she had a bad limp likely from a torn ACL, would not eat or drink anything and was incredibly fearful of everything going on. She had had a really tough life, and was incredibly affected by it, but our volunteers believed that by providing a little tender, loving care would help show her that there is no longer any need to be afraid. By the end of the day when all was said in done and all the other dogs had gone home with fosters, OE was loaded up into one of our volunteer’s cars and headed to her new home up at the ranch.


OE’s first couple of weeks up at the ranch were tough.  She was rightfully afraid of everything and everyone.  After her initial vet check up, our volunteers were told that her prognosis was poor and should brace themselves for the worst. As time went on, she warmed up to one volunteer at a time soon realizing that never again was she going to be mistreated or harmed.  Every day she started to walk farther and farther, and soon started to play with all the dogs that would come through. Young puppies being her absolute favorite friends.  Within that same time she began eating, only cat food at first but now will take just about any treat.    


After a few weeks of a steady routine with healthy diet and exercise it was as if OE finally came to life. There was a new light in her eyes, and a zest for life that we never could have anticipated. She seemed to be half the age our volunteers had originally expected and could keep up on walks with all the other dogs.  Even though she still has many health problems, she is no longer letting them control her and has fallen into place perfectly among her canine brothers and sisters up at the rescue.


Although her mental health has drastically improved, OE still faces a long road ahead dealing with her multiple health problems that aren’t as easily fixed. Our volunteers are doing all they can to provide the vet care and support that she has so desperately needed for so long, but the costs have been adding up quickly. Any type of small donation or sponsors would help to change OE’s life once again, and allow for our Grey Whiskers team to provide an even better life for her by being able to ease some of her ailments. With a few more hearts involved, we believe that OE will continue to blossom into the best version of herself and live the life she has always deserved.

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Age 32

As animal lovers, the volunteers at Grey Whiskers Rescue are always open to helping any animal in need, whether they have paws or hooves. As what happened in the case of Moe, the mule. At an early age Moe went to work assisting all his human companions at the Forest Service. 

As the years continued Moe remained working the same job for over 30 years developing lasting relationships with all of the many men and women who worked alongside him.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 7.36.47 PM.png

Rain or shine he was reliable to lend a hoof and brought laughter to anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. He was there to help out his fellow employees while out on trips to the various beautiful locations that the Forest Service maintains. Moe was always someone you could rely on, both to help carry heavy things and to spread smiles around camp each night.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 7.36.37 PM.png

As he began to age, his caretakers began to notice him slowing down and for the benefit of Moe they thought it best for him to retire from the Forest Service.The people who worked with Moe alerted our volunteers that unless a home was found quickly, Moe would face an uncertain end after his retirement.

His coworkers who adored and respected Moe had to step in and make sure this wasn’t the end for Moe. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.58.07 PM.png

After some searching, a wonderful woman stepped up and offered to adopt Moe and take him back to her home where he would live out the rest of his days in comfort and happiness with many other furry friends. Giving him the happy ending he deserved after working his entire life to help everyone else around him. Moe can now finally retire in bliss, safe and surrounded by love.



Age 12

Meet Riley. His favorite activities included frolicking through the mountains, snuggling humans or snoring peacefully in his bed.

Although the majority of Riley’s early life was unknown to us, we do know that he was rescued from a testing facility who were ready to release him for adoption.  His adopting family was unsure of the role he played within this facility, but they do know that despite what happened, he never lost his spirit or love for all living things. Immediately upon entering his new home, his new family immediately recognized his gigantic heart and his zest for life. He spent many years living and loving his new family, who became lucky enough to see the beauty of life through Riley’s eyes.


As Riley aged he began facing some big changes in his life. Unfortunately, due to some health issues, Riley’s family felt obligated to reach out to us for help in supporting this sweet old man. Thus Riley became our very first official member of the Grey Whiskers rescue family. Our volunteers and supporters had the pleasure of falling in love with Riley while he spent his final year with us at the rescue.  Unfortunately due to an auto-immune disorder, we had to say goodbye to Riley this past spring. His unbreaking spirit lives on through the volunteers and dogs up at Grey Whiskers who knew and loved him so much.

Please consider donating in honor of Riley, all proceeds will go towards our other seniors who still need our help.